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Online video is the fastest growing sales medium.
This year, an estimated 85% of people online will watch videos. That’s a market of 195.5 million people.
Whatever story you want to tell or angle you can envision, Strato400 aerial videographers in Central PA can deliver. Our premiere aerial video and photography  company empowers you to create fabulous sales videos, capture momentous events and document land and building projects.
Your audiences will be captivated by the unique vantage points and gently flowing perspectives that Strato400 aerial videography captures.
Don’t be left behind. Be on the cutting edge. Use quadcopter aerial video imaging for your projects, properties and parties, indoors and out.
Work with us. Together, we’ll elevate your video stories and raise your documentation to optimal heights.

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Imagine the uses of indoor and outdoor flight video for your business. Track inventory. Create a sales video. Fine-tune manufacturing. Document your new construction. Remember the best company picnic ever. Learn more.


Showcase your historical property or your relaxing, luxury escape from the real-world. Our clients say their customers feel like they are touring the buildings and grounds in person… Learn more.


Record the grounds or a walkthrough of your school, college, university, hospital or retirement community.  Zoom in close on the highlights that attract your audience and fly up to give them the big picture. Learn more.


Invite your guests to your amusement park, festival or special event before it every happens or during the celebration. Bring them in close to see the details or hover above to show the fun and grandeur of it all. Learn more.


There is no better treasure than your home. Film your residence for insurance records, during parties, for selling your house or capturing the best memories.  An heirloom for your family. A very special gift. Learn more.


Video is ON FIRE. Enhance customer relationships, connect personally and sell more by telling your powerful stories through aerial video images. There truly is no better sales medium. Dust the competition. Let’s talk.

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Make People Feel Like They Are Here

Jim Switzenberg - John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville, PA
Jim Switzenberg - John Wright RestaurantThrough a friend I was introduced to the possibility of having a drone film our grounds.  It sounded like a great idea as we have many guests who have never seen our location and pictures never seem to do it justice. So I called Land Grant Surveyors very last minute on a Monday. The next day was going to be nice, so we booked it.  They were fast, friendly, professional, thorough, and efficient.  The entire process was fun, watching them work the drone, setting up the shots, and checking to see if we were getting what we wanted. They made sure before they left that we were happy with the process and the film that they received. About a week later we had a personal review of what they put together, and we were all impressed!     It was amazing!    There are beautiful shots of our scenery, the bridge, the river and the building all to music.  They suggested for our bridal shows we do it again but inside the banquet hall so we did with similar results. I do believe this has been our most valuable marketing dollars we have spent.  People viewing these videos can really get a feel for the beauty of our location, and this sells to brides more than anything.  I am looking forward to the response we will get from the bridal shows at the beginning of the year, as I know the other vendors will wish they had the same. If anyone wants to showcase a venue in a way that make people feel that they are there, call the Strato400 team Land Grant Surveyors.  They do an amazing job with amazing results. 234 North Front Street, Wrightsville, PA 17368 (717) 252-0416

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